Faces for Hope exists to offer relationship, discipleship, and education to Maasai girls at risk of exploitation as child brides.


“Whoever welcomes one of these children in my name, welcomes Me.”

Mark 9:37


Faces 4 Hope is a Christian Non Profit Organization dedicated to caring for the most vulnerable in the name of Jesus. We believe that people are created in God’s image, welcomed into His family through the acknowledgement of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Through the power of the Holy Spirit and the wisdom of God’s Word, we are compelled to share the knowledge of God’s love and power and equip young Maasai women to walk in faith through Christ as a new creation.

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The Story



Jack and Holly Stagge’s hearts were broken wide open the first time they visited Tanzania.

It’s hard to imagine how different life could have looked had it not been for those handful of days in 2007 when the the dust of the the African earth first coated their skin. They returned home to the US convicted and moved to act. Within 1 year, the couple had sold the business that was to ensure their retirement, traded it in for cold bucket showers and stomachs full of rice and beans as they returned to Tanzania full time to cultivate the seeds of Faces for Hope.

Since 2007, the Stagges have been graciously invited into tribes, villages, and “bomas” (a traditional Maasai home), as natives entrust them to hold their babies, drink their tea, and listen to their stories. These relationships have become a fount of compassion and creativity, as Faces for Hope has been able to reach various corners of these communities, offering safety, security, and most of all: love.

By God’s grace, what started as a strong conviction over a decade ago, has now grown into a school, development opportunities for youth, and micro loans for local entrepreneurs. It has poured into water storage systems to capture much needed water and a church that is distributing “living water”. It has touched and healed patients in medical clinics and protected young girls from the grip of child marriage.

The story is still unfolding, but we invite you into dreaming, praying, and partnering with us as we make way for a growing, vibrant hope in the deserts of East Africa.



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Jack and Holly Stagge

Jack and Holly Stagge felt called to the mission field prior to 2007. But it was God’s divine direction, the overwhelming needs they saw in Tanzania and the relationships formed there that led them to know Tanzania would be Home.  Jack sold his thriving Physical Therapy Practice and Holly left the closeness of family and friends to co-found Faces for Hope in 2008. They now run the organization from the States, as the Tanzanians run FFH on the ground. Jack and Holly live in Washington today and continue to make biannual visits to Tanzania.


Leah Brooks

As a YWAM volunteer, Lea led a team to Tanzania.  She fell in love with the Maasai girls, and how Faces for Hope was helping them. She joined the team of Faces for Hope in 2015, and became a resident of Tanzania.  She has been an amazing leader and has been instrumental in training up Tanzanian leaders to run Faces for Hope. She loves these girls as if they were her little sisters, and has committed her life to help them find hope outside of becoming a child bride.


Elizabeth Singo

Elizabeth is one of our first Faces for Hope graduates. A Maasai Native, she was being forced into marriage to an older man when we met her. She was sent to college and received her teaching degree and taught school for several years.  She also went to Discipleship Training School with YWAM. Along with teaching school, she helped find primary girls who were hidden from our reach and came alongside our high school students. Now, she is on the board in Tanzania, and works full-time with Faces for Hope, running camps, and the program and much more.



Ndeenga is Maasai girl, who was sent to school through an organization. She attended high school in the states, and then went onto college. She then went to Discipleship training school, and joined YWAM as a volunteer. She continues to be in YWAM, but has also come alongside Faces for Hope in Tanzania to become an advocate for girls. She helps disciple, encourage, and love on them, as she knows well what their life is like. Along with being on the FFH Board, she also takes care of the books and finances in Tanzania.



Catherine is a YWAM volunteer, teacher, and Administrator of the Engikaret Primary School in the bush. She is a wife and mother of 3, and live out in the bush with the Maasai.. She oversees all our Primary students in Faces for Hope, and is very instrumental in assuring their progress in school. She also makes sure all their needs are met.