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Faces for Hope is committed to the following initiatives:

Sending girls
to School

When a girl enrolls in school, she receives more than an education. She is given freedom from child marriage, safety from abuse, and an opportunity to discover her identity.
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Meeting General

We want every girl in our program to succeed. Its generosity of people like you that allows us to meet girls’ needs and provide them with what they need to thrive.
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providing a

Even once a child has the resources needed to attend school, there can be many barriers. We provide a safe place to stay for girls at risk of abuse, kidnap, or forced early marriage.
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sponsor a student

The Faces for Hope School Sponsorship program serves children in primary school through college. Students are referred to Faces for Hope on a rolling basis, each facing a unique set of needs and challenges. Becoming a sponsor for a child not only provides a hopeful future for a student, it also instills a sense of value in their lives.

When a girl is accepted into the FFH program, she is registered for school.

Upon registration, she is provided with everything she needs:

  • any medical needs

  • transportation

  • safety

  • discipleship

  • uniform

  • school fees

  • school supplies

  • personal supplies

This is where our devoted sponsors step in.

Upon entering the program, a sponsor is found. We hope that this sponsor will support her until she graduates and can be self-sufficient, but we never move someone out of the program until we know they can provide from themselves. We provide education from preschool, primary, high school, through tech school, or college, or university. We then help that girl secure a job, find a safe home, and graduate her from the program when she is ready.  

What is expected of a sponsor?

Sponsorship involves supporting a child financially for $50 per month. You will be given updates, letters, and pictures of your student, and send letters and pictures of your own to them in Tanzania. Your child will rely on you as their prayer warrior. He or she knows there is someone out there who cares for them, and THAT is so important. 

Can I visit my sponsor child?

Yes, you may visit your child in Tanzania, and we will help show you the way! Please contact us for details about this opportunity.

What if my child needs more support?

We never let a child’s needs go unmet. If they need new shoes, we buy them. If they need a place to stay during their breaks, we provide that. Any extra care will be provided from our general funds, even if costs are above your monthly support.

What if I’m not ready to sponsor?

Sponsorship is a commitment. We encourage our sponsors to stay with their student through their schooling. We provide support for many girls through General Needs. Consider making a monthly or one-time donation in this way.




General Needs


general needs support

Faces for Hope relies on the generosity of donors to maintain and grow the programs involving the beautiful and vulnerable young Maasai girls. On many occasions, girls are accepted into the program and rescued before a sponsor is found for them and these funds meet this need. There are also times when sponsorship funds are not enough to meet the medical or educational needs of these girls. General funds are used to answer these needs whenever they arise.

rescue home

Even once a child has the resources to attend school, they may still need protection. Unfortunately, in some instances their homes are no longer safe spaces. Some girls who return home are at risk of being kidnapped, married against their will, impregnated so they cannot go to school, or forced into labor. Faces for Hope provides a safe house for girls at risk. Your donation to general support helps us keep this home running and enables us to provide holistically for each girl.


The Dream: A Safe Place to Stay

We are currently building a larger Rescue Home to house upwards of 40 girls during their school breaks. It is our dream to provide a home that is safe, secure, and stable for any girl in our program that needs it. This would allow them to experience the freedom and opportunity an education can bring and keep them surrounded with love and support as they do so. If a child is not safe to return home for holidays, school breaks, etc. this is where they would stay. Donations for monthly operational costs are needed to provide food, tutoring, security, and meet general needs to keep this home viable.